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McAlester's Very Own Taste of Italy

What Is The Italian Festival?

The Festival is two days of Springtime fun, food, entertainment, shopping, live entertainment, friendship and celebration of the wonderful Italian heritage with which this little corner of America has been blessed. There is something to delight everyone and everyone is invited. There is no admission charge - enjoy the Festival for free! But bring along some money and purchase some wonderful food, arts, crafts and other merchandise - and treat the kids to fun with some of the great games and activities provided by our concessionaires.

The fairgrounds includes a giant exposition center building, and several smaller buildings. The buildings are used primarily for the Arts & Crafts exhibitors who choose to rent inside space. There are a number of tents, some large and some small, used for the other Festival activities and services. The largest tent is the Food Tent, where the Italian Dinner is served on a serving line - you must buy dinner tickets at the Information Booth (located just in front of the Food Tent, BEFORE getting in line - only the tickets are accepted in the Food Tent. Another tent houses the Sandwich Tent, where cash is accepted for lighter fare. Cash is also used for soft drinks, sold separately from meals in the Sandwich Tent or in the "soft drink wagons." The Festival rents the larger tents each year. Other tents are owned or rented or borrowed by local organizations for their use at the Festival.

Feel free to wander the Festival grounds, the many tents, vendors, booths and the exhibitors in the giant Expo Building - the fun is in taking your time, looking around, shopping for art or crafts or food, people-watching, making new friends, visiting with old friends, enjoying the music, and delighting in the wonderful ambience of a late-spring festival! Spend a few hours, or all day - come and go and come back again later (this helps if the afternoon heat gets to anyone in your party). Many people visit the Festival on both days (Saturday and Sunday).

Information about the Italian Dinner and the Food Tent is available at the Italian Dinner ticket booth, located in front of the giant Food Tent. Information about almost anything regarding the Festival is available in the Festival Office, located in the Expo Building.

Restrooms are located in the Expo Center Building (and for a pleasant departure from most public event locations you will find plenty and no long waiting lines).

Ample free parking is on the grassy fields adjoining the Festival area at the Fairgrounds. Please cooperate fully with the parking guides who will do their best to keep the ingress and egress and parking organized and running smoothly in everyone's best interest. If it rains during the Festival, or just before the weekend, the ground can be soft and even muddy - cooperation with the parking guides will help you to avoid getting stuck.



Italian Festival of McAlester, Oklahoma
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