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McAlester's Very Own Taste of Italy

What's The Weather Like?

It is easy to get sunburned, even on cloudy days. Days that start out rainy can turn sunny in a hurry and days that are sunny can surprise you with a cloudburst that seems to come out of nowhere. Springtime is very unpredictable in Oklahoma!

The Weather in McAlester (southeastern Oklahoma, USA) is typically hot and often humid - shorts and other light summer-wear clothing is the norm for Festival volunteer workers and visitors alike. A hat to protect your head from the (sometime-brutal) sun is a good idea. The prevailing southerly winds in this area can be rather strong sometimes, so be prepared for windy weather most years. Some years do bring cooler, sometimes almost chilly, weather for this "first weekend of summer", so it is important to check the weather forecast and have some reserve clothing or a jacket in your car, just in case. Spring brings storms to Oklahoma now and then, and the weather can occasionally be quite severe - again bring reserve clothing, raingear, umbrella, etc., and check the weather forecast. In the heartland of the USA, one learns to be prepared for, and to accept, whatever weather happens - Will Rogers once said something to the effect of, "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a few minutes ... it'll change".

The usual weather for the Festival is hot - commonly humid, occasionally very dry, and typically pretty windy. It may be helpful in your planning to check the Weather Channel's On-Line Five-Day Forecast for McAlester, Oklahoma, as your visit to the Festival gets near, along with checking other weather forecasts on television and radio and in newspapers (and we all know that the best guess can sometimes be just making your own "best guess" based on whatever you find works for you).



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